The Crash Pad Of Advocating For Children, Mental Well-being, and A Drive For Change

The Crash Pad Of Advocating For Children, Mental Well-being, and A Drive For Change

Because everyone has an opinion. Mine, under most circumstances, is:

“Prove ’em Wrong”

Kids, Seriously

Kids can be SO frustrating, WHY? It’s easy to get stuck raising irrational, imbalanced, illogical tiny humans, using our logical, adult brains. But again, WHY? These are tiny, growing humans – not tiny, growing adults. Sometimes we need a refresher on why kids are the way they are.

Parenting Yourself

Once we grow up, we tend to sweep our past struggles and unresolved childhood issues under the rug. Sometimes though, that can just sneak back up on us when we least expect it.

We All Have A Voicebox, And We All Need To Use It

All those in between topics fall here. Come read a new vocal perspective on adulting. ‘Cause dude, this shit is hard.

Simple Ways To Do It Yourself

Consumer advertising and marketing can be intimidating when you are looking for something specific. With so many brands claiming to use or not use certain ingredients, to achieve or avoid certain looks… it all can get overwhelming. But if you consider what all goes into any given finished product, and subtract the preservatives, chemicals, agents, and production-made features, you might just find some things more simple to do yourself then expected. Take a look at some of these unexpectedly easy homemade or home grown products.

Easy, dairy-free recipes

New ones added every week!

For the Love of Parenting

Has anyone felt the struggle and tention in a relationship when you have your first child? It brings a lot of pressure to the table; begs for a lot of understanding from both sides.Some relationships really struggle – like mine. My husband was left feeling like he couldn’t do much. He started feeling left outContinue reading “For the Love of Parenting”

“Thank you for these recipes! I need to eat diary free but I never do because I feel like it will be too hard!”

taylorakhlaghi, 02/27/2020

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