I Just Pay Someone To Raise My Child

Are you sure ?

That was what I wish my response was to the person who told me this is what I do because I am a working mom.

‘Cause I’m pretty sure we pay the government and school registration every year once children start school. And I don’t know what kind of school you think most kids go to, but I’m pretty sure its all the same length of time that the child is out of your care for.

Which is PRETTY EQUIVALENT to the length of time the average parent works for.

So are you f***ing SURE *BRENDA* you aren’t paying people to raise your child too?

I hope you are.

‘Cause with the way you’re talking I sure as hell wouldn’t want your uneducated self homeschooling them just to teach them the way that you think.

Wait wait, are volunteering to pay my pay bills?! No?

Then you must be volunteering to foot the costs of my tuition fees from going to college and making a career for myself! Thanks !

*crickets* Still no?

Well shit son. You had me excited.

Are you telling me that you think I’d actually RATHER be working then spend more time with my child? Are you out of your mind?

What do I look like, a not-for-profit child production station just doing it for the tax claim?

Pardon me, but f*** off.

People are stupid.

Care providers and teachers don’t raise children, not in that way. They supervise them and teach them. Quit telling me I should stay home with my child. What I should do is tell you to f*** off again.

*For the record, I don’t know anyone named Brenda. And If I do this isn’t actually about them*

Published by K.S.

Full time tradeswoman, mom and wife, I consider myself an advocate for children, mental well-being, and drive for change. Coming from a broken home and a hurtful raising left me struggling for the rest of my life, continuously in and out of doctors, hospitals, therapists and pharmacies. I just wanted to be and feel normal. Who knew that becoming a parent would help all that? My fear of ever letting my child feel the way I did growing up drove me into the books, research, and parenting community. Absorbing everything like a sponge, from development, children psychology, and child-rearing, to judgement, PPD, and establishing boundaries. Despite my blog name, I'm not here to judge but to share my knowledge of poor parenting from first hand experiences, and educate others on new ways to approach things. The name "The Judgemental Mom" doesn't really mean that it's a site to judge others, but a site about other's who are judgemental, or who claim I am judgmental. Pop over to my site to learn more great things about yourself, children, DIY and more.

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