The Heartache Of A Working Mom

I hate that someone else has to watch my child during the day.

I hate that they don’t hold him the way I would hold him.

I hate that they are not gentle with him and understanding the way I am.

I hate that they don’t pay attention to him every time he’s trying to talk to them or show them something.

I hate when he gets blamed for something he didn’t do, or when hes takes something from another child but they discipline the other child instead of my son.

I hate that other people watch other people’s children and don’t have the connection or patience for them because they are not their own children.

I hate when they get frustrated because there’s so much going on in a day, and so many little people to care for.

I hate that I sit at work just wanting to go and hold my child.

I hate that there are times throughout the day that my child needs me and I am not there for him.

I hate that I can’t always see what’s always going on and there are things they don’t tell me because they don’t think they are share-worthy.

I hate the ache in my heart that I hold through the day because I miss my child and I am missing these times with my child. Time already goes as fast as it does. I love my job and I love who I am at my job; I love being a mother more.

I hate that I worked so hard to get where I am in my career but I would rather be home with my child.

I hate how much my heart hurts everyday yearning to be with my son and my family.

I hate how hard the world is , and how much harder it is when you are a parent.

I hate that the world does not understand the pain and the heartache on the struggles of being a parent unless those listening are also a parent.

I hate that there is such diversity in parenting, judgment and misunderstanding of little people. I hate that children’s emotions get dismissed; It’s as if no one remembers when they themselves were a child.

I hate how much more hate I hold now that I am a mom.

Published by K.S.

Full time tradeswoman, mom and wife, I consider myself an advocate for children, mental well-being, and drive for change. Coming from a broken home and a hurtful raising left me struggling for the rest of my life, continuously in and out of doctors, hospitals, therapists and pharmacies. I just wanted to be and feel normal. Who knew that becoming a parent would help all that? My fear of ever letting my child feel the way I did growing up drove me into the books, research, and parenting community. Absorbing everything like a sponge, from development, children psychology, and child-rearing, to judgement, PPD, and establishing boundaries. Despite my blog name, I'm not here to judge but to share my knowledge of poor parenting from first hand experiences, and educate others on new ways to approach things. The name "The Judgemental Mom" doesn't really mean that it's a site to judge others, but a site about other's who are judgemental, or who claim I am judgmental. Pop over to my site to learn more great things about yourself, children, DIY and more.

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