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Coconut Oil Hair Treatment

Let me tell you a secret I found to less greasy hair an itchy scalp – coconut oil. Yup, coconut oil. And let me tell you, it feels amazing.

I do it so often now I don’t really measure anything. I just stop adding when I feel I’ve covered and massaged my scalp enough.

The trick is warming the coconut oil first. I use maybe half a cup of solid coconut oil (room temp). I put it in a glass jar and let it sit in hot water – boiled water sometimes for fasted melting. You don’t want it so hot that it will burn you though, you just want it warm.

For less mess, apply while in the shower but to dry hair. You can pour it on your scalp first our in your palm then apply it – whatever is easier. Massage it in good so it coveres all your scalp, then work your way down to the ends of your hair. Put your hair up in a bun then do your usual shower routine, leaving your hair as dry as possible till the end.

When you’re ready to do your hair, first rinse thoroughly and continue to massage your scalp. Then do your typical shampoo wash and conditioner.

Do this a couple times and you will begin to notice a less itchy scalp, and that your hair doesn’t get such a greasy look in between shower days.

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