It’s A Sh*tting Rainbows Kind Of Day

Who has time for self-care. When you work full time and are a mom full time and a wife full time. When you come home from work and have an hour to spend with your son, and have supper, and let him have a bath (because he wants the bath) and get him ready forContinue reading “It’s A Sh*tting Rainbows Kind Of Day”

The Heartache Of A Working Mom

I hate that someone else has to watch my child during the day. I hate that they don’t hold him the way I would hold him. I hate that they are not gentle with him and understanding the way I am. I hate that they don’t pay attention to him every time he’s trying toContinue reading “The Heartache Of A Working Mom”

Parents Shouldn’t Take Responsibility For Bad Days

That’s what the old level of hierarchy implies, doesn’t? Admitting you are wrong and apologizing both fall under the ‘weakness category’ and show children that they can walk all over you. That’s what some seem to think, anyway. Im all for supporting moms and dads. Reminding them that, “If you’re trying as hard as youContinue reading “Parents Shouldn’t Take Responsibility For Bad Days”

“No one cares that you think you can do it better”

You’re probably right, nobody does most of the time. That doesn’t mean you should stop doing the best you can, and being the best you can. That doesn’t mean that you should stop trying to be better than you were. Understanding better than you did. Listening harder than you use to. That doesn’t mean thatContinue reading ““No one cares that you think you can do it better””

WTF Is Montessori?

It is a methodology of child rearing and education founded and studied by Maria Montessori. It started with the study of children with special needs, and once it was observed just how well they thrived, it was then studied on all children (not just those with special needs). Again, they all thrived exceedingly well comparedContinue reading “WTF Is Montessori?”

Half Of Co-Sleeping Parents Lie About It

Quit diagnosing your baby with a sleep problem. Don’t lie, we’ve all done it. Scroll down to read more from “Recently I came across the work of Robert and Sarah LeVine, a professor and former researcher from Harvard University, and co-authors of the book Do Parents Matter? Why Japanese Babies Sleep Soundly, Mexican SiblingsContinue reading “Half Of Co-Sleeping Parents Lie About It”

I Just Pay Someone To Raise My Child

Are you sure ? That was what I wish my response was to the person who told me this is what I do because I am a working mom. ‘Cause I’m pretty sure we pay the government and school registration every year once children start school. And I don’t know what kind of school youContinue reading “I Just Pay Someone To Raise My Child”