Half Of Co-Sleeping Parents Lie About It

Quit diagnosing your baby with a sleep problem. Don’t lie, we’ve all done it. Scroll down to read more from http://www.mom.com “Recently I came across the work of Robert and Sarah LeVine, a professor and former researcher from Harvard University, and co-authors of the book Do Parents Matter? Why Japanese Babies Sleep Soundly, Mexican SiblingsContinue reading “Half Of Co-Sleeping Parents Lie About It”

I Just Pay Someone To Raise My Child

Are you sure ? That was what I wish my response was to the person who told me this is what I do because I am a working mom. ‘Cause I’m pretty sure we pay the government and school registration every year once children start school. And I don’t know what kind of school youContinue reading “I Just Pay Someone To Raise My Child”