Emotional Dysregulation And Invalidating Environments

Emotional vulnerability is emotional sensitivity, emotional reactivity, and a slow return to emotional baseline.(Linehan 1993a) An invalidating environment is when people/parents tell you you’re wrong for experiencing your emotions. They may even punish you or ignore you when you get emotional. In some cases, people may acknowledge your emotions, but in a case where theyContinue reading “Emotional Dysregulation And Invalidating Environments”

The Signs Your Child Is Feeling Out Of Touch With You

There are 4 main signs your child can be expressing when they are feeling out of touch, and 4 main signs that you may be doing as a prarent that can be contributing to the way your child feels – it can be any one of these signs for child and parent; it doesn’t needContinue reading “The Signs Your Child Is Feeling Out Of Touch With You”

It’s Not Hard To Better Yourself; It’s Hard To Watch Others Not

One of the hardest parts I found of becoming a mother, was bettering myself. Not the act of bettering myself, but watching others who are parents, not. Becoming a parent, it was easy for me to reflect on my childhood and to know that some things when I grew up were very wrong, and thatContinue reading “It’s Not Hard To Better Yourself; It’s Hard To Watch Others Not”

What Your Kids Can Do Instead Of Screen Time

12 -18 Month Examples: Put down some old towels and fill one bowl with Rice Crispies – because they’re more likely to try to put things in their mouth at this age – another with some milk, then an additional empty one. Give them some transferring supplies like measuring cups and spoons, and watch themContinue reading “What Your Kids Can Do Instead Of Screen Time”

Parents Shouldn’t Take Responsibility For Bad Days

That’s what the old level of hierarchy implies, doesn’t? Admitting you are wrong and apologizing both fall under the ‘weakness category’ and show children that they can walk all over you. That’s what some seem to think, anyway. Im all for supporting moms and dads. Reminding them that, “If you’re trying as hard as youContinue reading “Parents Shouldn’t Take Responsibility For Bad Days”

WTF Is Montessori?

It is a methodology of child rearing and education founded and studied by Maria Montessori. It started with the study of children with special needs, and once it was observed just how well they thrived, it was then studied on all children (not just those with special needs). Again, they all thrived exceedingly well comparedContinue reading “WTF Is Montessori?”

Half Of Co-Sleeping Parents Lie About It

Quit diagnosing your baby with a sleep problem. Don’t lie, we’ve all done it. Scroll down to read more from http://www.mom.com “Recently I came across the work of Robert and Sarah LeVine, a professor and former researcher from Harvard University, and co-authors of the book Do Parents Matter? Why Japanese Babies Sleep Soundly, Mexican SiblingsContinue reading “Half Of Co-Sleeping Parents Lie About It”