Release Yourself

There are two types of guilt. Functional guilt and dysfunctional guilt Functional guilt serve the purpose, it makes you feel bad – guilty – when you have done something wrong. It urges you to do the right thing. For example if you lashed out at your coworker or spouse because you were in a badContinue reading “Release Yourself”

Understanding Adult And Child Episodes Of Flipping Out

In my last section on parenting kids, seriously, I explained the left and right brain. Now I will explain the upstairs and downstairs brain. The downstairs brain controls: emotions, bodily sensations and actions i.e., anger, breathing, blinking, fear, fight or flight The upstairs brain controls: thinking, planning, imagining, processing, self understanding, control over your body, morals The brainContinue reading “Understanding Adult And Child Episodes Of Flipping Out”

It’s A Sh*tting Rainbows Kind Of Day

Who has time for self-care. When you work full time and are a mom full time and a wife full time. When you come home from work and have an hour to spend with your son, and have supper, and let him have a bath (because he wants the bath) and get him ready forContinue reading “It’s A Sh*tting Rainbows Kind Of Day”

The Heartache Of A Working Mom

I hate that someone else has to watch my child during the day. I hate that they don’t hold him the way I would hold him. I hate that they are not gentle with him and understanding the way I am. I hate that they don’t pay attention to him every time he’s trying toContinue reading “The Heartache Of A Working Mom”

Half Of Co-Sleeping Parents Lie About It

Quit diagnosing your baby with a sleep problem. Don’t lie, we’ve all done it. Scroll down to read more from “Recently I came across the work of Robert and Sarah LeVine, a professor and former researcher from Harvard University, and co-authors of the book Do Parents Matter? Why Japanese Babies Sleep Soundly, Mexican SiblingsContinue reading “Half Of Co-Sleeping Parents Lie About It”

I Just Pay Someone To Raise My Child

Are you sure ? That was what I wish my response was to the person who told me this is what I do because I am a working mom. ‘Cause I’m pretty sure we pay the government and school registration every year once children start school. And I don’t know what kind of school youContinue reading “I Just Pay Someone To Raise My Child”