For the Love of Parenting

Has anyone felt the struggle and tention in a relationship when you have your first child? It brings a lot of pressure to the table; begs for a lot of understanding from both sides. Some relationships really struggle – like mine. My husband was left feeling like he couldn’t do much. He started feeling leftContinue reading “For the Love of Parenting”

The Bittersweetness of Mother’s Day

You know, last mothers day was bitter sweet. Why? Because I had had over a year to feel out the motherhood thing. I now know how much love and space your own child takes up in your body, heart, and mind. Because I had had a miserable time growing up and both my parents wereContinue reading “The Bittersweetness of Mother’s Day”

The One Thing About Women’s Health Nobody Talks About

This isn’t really my area of coverage if I’m being honest; but as a woman and a mom it affects me greatly and I wish it was something I knew much sooner in life. So let’s talk about it – pelvic health. And more specifically, pelvic organ prolapse. What is pelvic organ prolapse? It isContinue reading “The One Thing About Women’s Health Nobody Talks About”

Emotional Dysregulation And Invalidating Environments

Emotional vulnerability is emotional sensitivity, emotional reactivity, and a slow return to emotional baseline.(Linehan 1993a) An invalidating environment is when people/parents tell you you’re wrong for experiencing your emotions. They may even punish you or ignore you when you get emotional. In some cases, people may acknowledge your emotions, but in a case where theyContinue reading “Emotional Dysregulation And Invalidating Environments”

The Signs Your Child Is Feeling Out Of Touch With You

There are 4 main signs your child can be expressing when they are feeling out of touch, and 4 main signs that you may be doing as a prarent that can be contributing to the way your child feels – it can be any one of these signs for child and parent; it doesn’t needContinue reading “The Signs Your Child Is Feeling Out Of Touch With You”

When You Get Shunned For Being A Child And Family Relations Advocate

When you’re hated for being an advocate for children. For standing up for mental health. For standing up against poor parenting. For trying to educate parents and grown children the repercussions of certain parenting choices, past and present. I can’t help you if you think I make you feel like a shitty parent;But I canContinue reading “When You Get Shunned For Being A Child And Family Relations Advocate”

It’s Not Hard To Better Yourself; It’s Hard To Watch Others Not

One of the hardest parts I found of becoming a mother, was bettering myself. Not the act of bettering myself, but watching others who are parents, not. Becoming a parent, it was easy for me to reflect on my childhood and to know that some things when I grew up were very wrong, and thatContinue reading “It’s Not Hard To Better Yourself; It’s Hard To Watch Others Not”

When You Want To Keep Nursing So Badly

I had wrote this Feb 28th, 2019 This is what it looks like to so badly want to keep nursing my babyIts almost my only option right now anyhow. 3 different milk production supplements plus a prescription to help increase supply. That container of formula? Thats amino acid based formula, which only comes in halfContinue reading “When You Want To Keep Nursing So Badly”

The Emotional Wheel Chart For Adults And Kids

Emotions are diverse. Not only can we feel more than one thing at a time, emotions are not black and white. Sometime we struggle naming what we feel, because it’s more than just the primary emotions of “happy”, “sad”, “angry”, “tired”. When trying to identify and name your emotions to help understand and tame them,Continue reading “The Emotional Wheel Chart For Adults And Kids”