Just Do It Yourself

Facial Toner

Equal parts witch hazel and rose water with a small squeeze of pure aloe vera.

Thats it ! Combine mixture in an empty bottle from somewhere like the dollar store. A spray bottle works too. Use after cleansing.

You can add 5ml of vitamin E for added antioxidants that keep your face smooth and wrink free as well as help diminish the mark and scars left from acne. Vitamin E also acts as a mild preservative.

I never truly understood the purpose of toner until I started getting into DIY care products a few years ago. Turns out the different cells in the body are very similar in some ways. Skin, hair and nails all either have a cuticle or a pore. When we use cleansers of any type, whether it be washing your hair, face or removing your nail polish, it opens these pores and cuticles. Thats what aids in the cleaning process; but then they are just left ‘open’, and disturbed. Not only that, but during the cleaning process a lot of moisture is also lost.

When you use toner after washing your face, its helps close your pores back up and lock moisture back in. Its also meant to level out pH and dryness of your skin after cleansing. The witch hazel acts as the ‘pore closer’, an anti-inflammatory, anti-irritant, and helps fight acne.

The rose water helps reduce redness and irritation, while the aloe vera adds moisture back into skin

Now you know!