Just Do It Yourself

Mason Jar Home Accessories

We all know I didn’t think this one up on my own. I mean, in a way I did but it was thought of long before my brain got there.

If you are in to the rustic look or accent around your house, mason jars are usually one of the common features modified and used. They are also pretty handy to have around the house in general.

The small jar, which once started out for baby puree when my son was extra little, has been re-purposed for my DIY moisturizer cream, nothing fancy done there.

The middle jar, which started out as homemade jam, has now been cleaned out with some special touches added. You can thank your Canadian Dollar Stores as a majority of my DIY decor supplies are bought there. In this case, I used some metallic outdoor spray paint found at a local hardware sections.

I flipped the jar upside down on a surface I didn’t care about, in a well ventilated area, while I did a couple layers of the spray paint until I achieved the look I wanted. Then I let dry overnight and put on some burlap.

For the soap dispenser, there’s a few easy ways to do this. For those that aren’t hand tool-saavy, you can burn a hole through the middle of the lid and then use small tin snips to enlarge. Find a dispenser from an old empty bottle of choice, make sure it will fit the hole you put in the mason jar lid, and after make sure it was cleaned out well use a hot glue gun to secure the dispenser to the modified lid.

You can also cut the upper neck off an old empty bottle that has a dispenser top. Cut the bottle a little before the threaded top (where the dispenser threads on). From there, create a hole in the mason jar lid that’s just big enough to fit the threaded top cut from the old bottle – but small enough not to fit the small section of bottle neck below the thread, as that will sit on the inside of the mason jar lid and act as a flange against the lid. Push the threaded piece through the bottom of the mason jar lid – so the remain neck is against the lid as previously mentioned – and screw on the mating dispenser from the old bottle on top of the mason jar lid.

Or, your Canadian Dollar Store has already done that work for us and you can just purchase a mason jar lid dispenser for $3.00.

You might ask yourself, ‘well then why wouldn’t I just buy a mason jar soap dispenser as is?‘, and my answer is that they tend to be ridiculously over-priced despite the cost for the items separately. A 12 pack of mason jars – which can be used for so many things – from Canadian Tire cost about $9.99 before tax. That’s $.084 per jar. Plus $3.00 for the dispenser lid – or $0 if you are going to reuse an old bottle – and you are looking at a $4.00 project if I just round the number.

Or you could just buy that pretty pre-made $10-$15 one… Your choice 🤷‍♀️