Parenting Kids, Seriously

The Heart Has Its Reasons Which Reasons Know Nothing Of

Kids. There’s a lot more to them than what meets the eye

Children always get accused of being lazy, dramatic, selfish, emotional, and many other things. First because they’re children; Second because parents often fail to empathize and understand what’s going on inside the developing brain of a child. In fact, how I grew up, it was all seen as misbehavior that needed to be corrected and punished.

Now, as generations grow and change and the years go by, I realize this is not the norm as much anymore; But it’s still there. I see a lot of parents either yelling short 1-2 word commands like, “no!”, “get down”, “don’t touch!”, “you’re fine”, the list goes on.

Or, I see parents that have evolved a little further and understand developmentally appropriate behaviors, but not how to handle those behaviors appropriately. They usually use their knowledge of the developmental appropriateness as reasons to excuse this behavior, to ignore it. Some say “if you get yourself worked about every little thing you will go crazy.” It’s like there is no in between, it’s one extreme to the other – we do something immediately, strictly, or we do nothing.

What I wish the more evolved parents would do instead of using their knowledge of developmentally appropriate behavior to excuse the bad moods, words, and actions that come from kids, is use it instead to respond effectively, with calmness, gentleness and understanding.

So here I am going to put my knowledge out there and maybe help other parents understand why kids do things the way they do, how they do, when they do. I will give, as basic as I can, explantions on the different sections of the mind, how they work, and how they change as children continue to grow.

If I may offer a short book to read, The Whole Brain Child is phenomenal at explaining the psychology behind the developing mind – and any mind really.

I will be citing sections from Dr. Siegel’s The Whole Brain Child. The sections in which I will paraphrase and cite belong to Dr. Dan Siegel and Tina Bryson. I do not claim ownership of this information.

Let’s break down the areas of kids that I will explain.

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