Just do it yourself

DIY Letter Learning Box

DIY letter box for preschoolers! It is great for both engaging the tactile sensory input as well as the brain while absorbing the LOOK and FEEL of a letter ! We just drew each letter on a piece a paper and put it beside our son as he worked away, focusing hard.

All you need from a dollar store is:

  • A small box
  • Some paint
  • Some sand

Paint the bottom of the box so it stands out through the sand when a letter is traced. Once dry, put a thin layer of sand in!

Voice boxing it

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

Here’s a little about myself today

Because some passersby’ers see my name and head for the woods – but I’m not planning on changing it anytime soon.

Full time tradeswoman, mom and wife, I consider myself an advocate for children, mental well-being, and drive for change
💪 👩‍🔧👨‍👨‍👧

Coming from a broken home and a hurtful raising left me struggling for the rest of my life, continuously in and out of doctors, hospitals, therapists and pharmacies.

I just wanted to be and feel normal

Who knew that becoming a parent would help all that?

My fear of ever letting my child feel the way I did growing up drove me into the books, research, and parenting community.

Absorbing everything like a sponge, from development, children psychology, and child-rearing, to judgement, PPD, and establishing boundaries.

Despite my blog name, I’m not here to judge but to share my knowledge of poor parenting from first hand experiences, and educate others on new ways to approach things.

Just do it yourself

Gender Reveal Game

One of my best friends was expecting a bundle of joy.

It sparked my creativity to put together something super cool for her! Especially because it was right at the beginning of when the pandemic hit and we were all social distancing. I spent quite a few nights racking my brain on how we could do something fun together – but apart. Not to mention, some of the friends that were to be part of the gender reveal party were scattered in various directions, living at least an hour apart.

SO, I started with that and worked from there. When I had everything figured out and put together, it was GENIUS. So why not share it with others out there that could be scratching their heads trying to put something together for their own expecting friend?

Here’s how it went. I put together an opening “poem”, a game guide, and then a bunch of questions. We had 8 people in total (that number included myself – this game may not work well for larger numbers of participants but it could be a good base to work from). Each person got a question, plus a bonus question.

For this game, you have to work backwards off of the end answer to get things to fit together smoothly. The end-point of the game was that my friend was (obviously) either going to have a BOY or a GIRL – so using the “alphabet-number chart code” i.e., A=1, B=2, etc., BOY would have totalled 42 and GIRL would have totalled 46.

Unfortunately I wasn’t going to know the gender until after I had to send out the game to everyone, so added the bonus questions. Each participants bonus question was worth 1 OR 1.5 points depending on the gender. I notified them of at the beginning of the game what it would be worth – which by the way, we played this together on video messaging.

With the questions you can change up how you do the points. You could keep it simple and make each question a certain amount of points (given the amount of people participating and if you know the gender already). I decided to keep it extra interesting so after calculating how many points each question had to be (minus the bonus points), I broke it down so it wasn’t just the question that was giving the points, but amount of letters in the answer to question. I.e., if the answer was a 5 lettered word, that question gave the person 5 points. Necessary? No. Just made everyone think more!

Since there was 8 of us, it worked out really well in terms of being able to do the bonus questions and use them to fill in the answer I wouldn’t know until a few days before the party. (Remember I had to mail them out much sooner than that so I had to make something work.)

All the questions tallied 34 points together (before the bonus questions). If she had had a boy, the bonus questions would have all been worth 1 extra point each (multiply by 8 people), making the total point tally 42. If she had had a girl, the bonus questions would have all been worth 1.5 extra points each (multiply by 8 people), making the total point tally 46.

Everyone kept track of the answer points as we went through the questions out loud together. Each question was worth a different amount of points so that I could achieve the base point total of 34 (which doesn’t divide easily among 8 people). Who ever figured it out first yelled it out over the video chat! It’s a lot of work, and a lot of thinking, and you gotta hope the participants are good with math LOL. But it’s super fun and makes for lots of laughs. Not to mention, it kind of changes up the typical gender reveal games!

Shoot me a message if you tried it and let me know how it worked! Good luck and best wishes to your expecting momma!

Just do it yourself

Coconut Oil Hair Treatment

Let me tell you a secret I found to less greasy hair an itchy scalp – coconut oil. Yup, coconut oil. And let me tell you, it feels amazing.

I do it so often now I don’t really measure anything. I just stop adding when I feel I’ve covered and massaged my scalp enough.

The trick is warming the coconut oil first. I use maybe half a cup of solid coconut oil (room temp). I put it in a glass jar and let it sit in hot water – boiled water sometimes for fasted melting. You don’t want it so hot that it will burn you though, you just want it warm.

For less mess, apply while in the shower but to dry hair. You can pour it on your scalp first our in your palm then apply it – whatever is easier. Massage it in good so it coveres all your scalp, then work your way down to the ends of your hair. Put your hair up in a bun then do your usual shower routine, leaving your hair as dry as possible till the end.

When you’re ready to do your hair, first rinse thoroughly and continue to massage your scalp. Then do your typical shampoo wash and conditioner.

Do this a couple times and you will begin to notice a less itchy scalp, and that your hair doesn’t get such a greasy look in between shower days.