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What do you do about frequent stealing?


What do you do about frequent stealing? (Almost 13yrs old – Food, money, objects from other’s homes and stores)

The Judgemental Mom’s Response:

Stealing at this age has more to it than meets the eye. If you dont have the type of relationship that will let him feel comfortable opening up about whats really going, maybe consider a behavioural therapist. At 13, the act of stealing is usually satisfying a feeling or emotional need they are lacking in another area in their life. Whether its miniscule items that just make them feel invincible and “better” than others (because someone or something is actually making them feel like they are lesser than)
Or if its larger, more serious items that are fueling adrenaline and the naturally produced “reward hormone”. At 13, hes old enough to understand things are not just his for the taking, or an “oops oh well”.  This isn’t just “sneaking”. Hes a young teenager. Maybe its actually a cry for help and to get noticed because hes lacking communication skills to talk about whatever else is going on.