Parenting kids, Seriously

WTF Is Montessori?

It is a methodology of child rearing and education founded and studied by Maria Montessori. It started with the study of children with special needs, and once it was observed just how well they thrived, it was then studied on all children (not just those with special needs). Again, they all thrived exceedingly well compared to normal upbringing styles, and she went on to teach and watch children while sharing her knowledge with the world.

I’ll break it down into a few simple, commonly used sentences in the Montessori community to explain what it ACTUALLY is;

• Follow the child within safe boundaries. (Metaphorically)

• Have children exposed to open, organized spaces with minimal clutter and toys, or other distractions while introducing practical life activities.

• That way the children learn to follow their natural learning insticts and not the ones generations ‘decided on for them’. I.e., ‘ play with this, stay in this area, you can’t do that yet’