When You Get Shunned For Being A Child And Family Relations Advocate

When you’re hated for being an advocate for children. For standing up for mental health. For standing up against poor parenting. For trying to educate parents and grown children the repercussions of certain parenting choices, past and present. I can’t help you if you think I make you feel like a shitty parent;But I canContinue reading “When You Get Shunned For Being A Child And Family Relations Advocate”

Parents Shouldn’t Take Responsibility For Bad Days

That’s what the old level of hierarchy implies, doesn’t? Admitting you are wrong and apologizing both fall under the ‘weakness category’ and show children that they can walk all over you. That’s what some seem to think, anyway. Im all for supporting moms and dads. Reminding them that, “If you’re trying as hard as youContinue reading “Parents Shouldn’t Take Responsibility For Bad Days”