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Pelvic Floor Physio Therapy

In a post last spring I talked about the un-talked about struggles women face with their pelvic floor. Ashamed to talk about it, scared, or embaressed.

Over the past 9 months I have been doing pelvic floor physio therapy to improve my condition, pain and discomfort. I have made so much progress, and my physio therapist has been absolutely wonderful. One of the most educated, patient, and understanding specialists I have met. So much so, that as much as I am excited that my physio therapy is coming to an end (because I don’t need it anymore), I feel a little sad that won’t get to have her comforting and understanding presence anymore. Finding a GOOD, well educated, pelvic floor physio therapist is HARD. I was so lucky to have found one on my first time – after hearing so many others responses from women about their own PT in the facebook group Association For Pelvic Organ Prolapse Support (APOPS).

So for anyone residing in the kitchener-waterloo region of Ontario, here is my shout out and HUGE reccomendation to Nimmy Thomas, B.Sc. PT, at S.O.S. Physiotherapy in Elmira, Ontario, for the ongoing support, help, and inspiration as well as HOPE you have returned and given this area of struggles in my life.

May those of you struggling with pelvic pain, prolapse, or discomfort feel comfortable and brave enough to seek help and share your journey. It DOES get better. There’s SO MUCH MORE to pelvic floor strength than kegels alone.

Stay well my friends.